Remapping the Home and End keys on OSX

After 3 years on a Macbook, I still can't remember how to get to the start of end of a line, so I'm remapping keys.

Yak Shaving - Makefiles

Creating my first makefile

Setting up a Timemachine server using Mesos/Marathon

Running netatalk in a container for home OSX backups

Securing AWS environments using role switching

Separate environments, single login, granular permissions

Getting Glusterd to start at boot on Centos

Everytime the server reboot, glusterd doesn't start.

Upgrading a Chef cookbook with Berkshelf

Ran into an issue when trying to upgrade a dependency cookbook.

Parameterizing Web.config

How to change the values of web.config at deploy time without configuration profiles.


How to ensure that NTP works on a private subnet in AWS.

Using the Git tag as a version number via PSake

With GitFlow, releases should be SemVer'ed - use PSake to extract this version and compile it in.

External MSBuild for WebApi in VS 2013 fails

MSBuild Error MSB4019 when running outside of Visual Studio 2013.